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My involvement with photography as an art form stemmed from doing photos for newspapers and magazines when I was a writer/editor. I've shot sports and landscape photography since the late 1970's, and have also done female figure photos (artistic nudes) for the same amount of time. But it was my involvement with the hand-manipulation of Polaroids that really set the artistic wheels in motion, starting about 1996. Since 1999, I've had 11 one-man art gallery shows of my Polaroids from Pennsylvania and Delaware to Key West, Florida. My work has been featured nationwide on CBS Sunday Morning and USA Today and in major publications like the Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times, WHERE Washington, and the Wilmington (DE) News Journal. The Polaroid art, as well as emerging work in digital photography, continues to gain interest from art galleries.

As a young boy, my mother used to take me to art galleries. She herself was a painter, but I seemed to lack the skills to pull that off. Instead, I brought my deep love of art (notably French Impressionism) to the world of photography. It started with photo classes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and continued on with my work as a journalist with various newspapers and magazines.

I was a sports writer, so doing photos of sporting events came naturally. I was fortunate enough to get great photos of Michael Jordan and other UNC basketball players from courtside photo shoots. But sports was not enough, and I also took great pleasure in doing photos of nature, landscapes, flowers and wildlife -- which I do to this day.

I've also done female figure photography (artistic nudes) and feel that, as a society, we Americans need to come to the same appreciation of the human form in art and photos as the Europeans. Female and male forms have been beautifully captured in paintings, scultpures and photos for many, many years in art and I'm just trying to carry on that tradition.

When I started doing my hand-manipulated Polaroids in the late '90's, I drew a great amount of media attention to the art form. CBS Sunday Morning did a nationwide piece about me, as did USA Today. Numerous major newspapers and magazines also did stories about my art work and ran my photos.

I've had 11 one-man art gallery shows and will continue to have them, hopefully for years to come.


History of My Photo Art

The hand-manipulation of Polaroids has been going on since the 1970's and probably reached its peak just prior to the popularity of home computers, digital cameras and PhotoShop. The type of film necessary to do the effects, Polaroid Time-Zero was hugely popular from the late 1970's and through the 1980's. While Polaroid came up with newer brands of instant film, it kept making the film until December of 2006. Thus, the era of the hand-manipulated Polaroids is winding down.

Nonetheless, the ability to take photos and make them artistic continues thanks to computer photo programs. As a photo artist, I'll continue to make the Polaroids until the film is completely gone, then concentrate entirely on digital photography and the effects that can be done within that realm.

Monet's Garden at Giverny.

The Gap of Dunloe in Ireland.

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